We are a public non-profit organization created by Polish-Americans living in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

We proudly promote
Our Polish culture in Wisconsin!

Polish Society of Wisconsin was created to promote Polish culture and to unify Polish-Americans in Wisconsin.

The main purpose of our organization is:

  • To propagate Polish culture, heritage and language;
  • To stimulate cultural and educational activities;
  • To support Polish activities locally;
  • To integrate and to unify persons of Polish ancestry;
  • To stimulate and to support voluntarism in the Polish community;
  • To propagate patriotism among Polish Americans, especially among the youngest generation;
  • To furnish legal advice and information to the Polish Americans living in the United States of America.

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Polish School of Wisconsin

Polish School of Wisconsin was created by our organization. Our new school teaches Polish language, Polish customs, and traditions to children.

We want our student’s life to be enriched by the knowledge they acquire at the Polish School of Wisconsin.

We are more than just a school of Polish language

We extend our efforts to engage both students and their parents in after school activities or different family events throughout the school year.

Each Saturday after school we offer our professional soccer training sessions for all kids.

You can also choose to keep our rich culture alive and enroll your child in traditional Polish folk dancing lessons.

The greatest thanks to all our loyal sponsors!